San Marino was founded in 301 AD, by a Croatian stonemason named Marinus.

Though landlocked by Italy, the Sanmarinese have a strong cultural identity. San Marino has a high GDP and an enlightened political system, overseen by two co-presidents — one male and one female — who vacate their posts after a six-month term.

Whereas the history of Europe is pockmarked with war and violence, San Marino has always preferred diplomacy — and prospered accordingly.

The people of San Marino are friendly and welcoming. They are a proud people... with the exception of the soccer team.

Long considered the whipping boy by other European nations — they once lost 13-0 to Germany — in recent years, the people of San Marino have quietly withdrawn their support for the national team.

Morale and attendance are low, and opposition fans routinely outnumber San Marino fans at home games.

However, with a new coach, and an exciting crop of young players, there is renewed hope for this tiny nation.